If you are looking for wide choice of designs with a large range of interior decorative materials and FFE that can meet your budget, our Standard Hospitality Turn-key package is for you.

We give you access to a wide choice of Hospitality standard designs free of charge with different finishing levels that can meet the budget of everyone. If our quick quote meets your budget then we will develop the 3D design of your project according the style and package you choose.

Our Hospitality Turn-key Standard is based on three different level : 3 Star, 4 Star and 5 Star.



Our standard design Selection

Here is where you select the standard design for your project from our wide range.


Quick Quotation

You will be able to get a quick quote for your whole Hospitality project within 30 minutes. The quote will include all the Material list.


Free 3D Design

Once the quick quote and floor plan confirmed,we develop the 3D of your Hospitality project according the standard design you have chosen.We can also develop the MEP design for your Project.


What you see, you can buy!

All the interior materials and FFE from our Standard design are available. We already have all the materials and FFE of our standard. After confirmation we are able to supply MEP, Decorative building material, Furniture, furnishing & Equipment (FFE) in a quick time that will allow you to save time and cost.



We place a lot of importance on the Fit-Out. At Recosine, we believe that a successful Hospitality Project is not just good design and quality materials. The Fit-Out is vitally important to get the best finish to make your project the most attractive.
We have developed our own Fit-OUT process that allows you to save time, cost and make your project successful. If you choose Recosine customized Design and Materials, we will provide you with full assistance for the Fit-Out . Additionally, if you choose Recosine to do the complete Fit- Out we will provide a 3-year warranty

We will provide you with our standard design selection upon receiving your enquiry